Product News: Lenovo desktop, Simplybill and

1 Aug 2006

This week’s product line-up includes the ThinkCentre A60 from Lenovo (pictured), Simplybill’s web-based invoicing app and Phone data backup service from

Lenovo ThinkCentre A60
What is it? Desktop PC for businesses
How much? Prices start at €600

Lenovo has introduced its first ThinkCentre desktop PC featuring an AMD processor. The A60 PC includes enterprise features such as dual-core processing and improved virus-protection and recovery tools. Using Rescue and Recovery, users can quickly access a set of self-recovery tools to help diagnose, contact help and recover from a virus or other software crash, even if the primary operating system will not boot. The A60 is equipped with serial ATA drive support, hard drives up to 2 X 500GB, DDR2 memory support and nVidia GF 6100 integrated graphics. The A60 also comes equipped with SIX USB 2.0 ports, front-side audio ports and internal speakers.
What is it? Desktop widget that generates invoices
How much? Basic version is free, premium version costs just under €20 a month

Simplybill is a new web-based application aimed at anyone who needs to send an invoice or anyone who bills for their time. The web application allows you to easily create an invoice and send it by email, keep track of payments you’ve received, send reminders and thank-you messages to clients and set up recurring invoices to save you time and make sure you get paid. You can also get email alerts when invoices become overdue. The clever desktop widget sits on your computer desktop and also allows you to accurately track your time. You can also export the data for use in spreadsheet applications.
What is it? Phone data backup service
How much? €17.99 per annum

The Dublin-based company SIMchronise, which specialises in synchronisation technology, has launched a facility called for letting mobile phone users back up data from their handsets to a secure server. If they lose their phone they can then download this information back to another device easily. All of the person’s contact information is stored in a private secure online area. The user can then retrieve some or all of the saved contacts at any time and from virtually anywhere in the world. SIMchronise claims the service is completely wireless and requires no additional devices or software programs, no cables, Bluetooth or infrared. According to SIMchronise, more than 2,000 mobile phones go missing or are stolen in Ireland each week. The service is free until the end of August and will be available on an annual subscription of €17.99 after that. More details are available at

By John Kennedy