Product News: Lenovo M55 desktop, Deep Content Control and Epson Photo printers

3 Oct 2006

This week’s round-up of products for preview include the ThinkCentre desktop from Lenovo (pictured), business secrets protection software and Epson A4 photo printers.

Lenovo Think Centre M55p
What is it? New fleet of desktop PCs
How much? TBC

Lenovo has rolled out several new desktop PCs that include Rescue and Recovery technology to help business users recover from system crashes quickly and easily. The new M55p ThinkCentre desktop is part of two lines of new ThinkCentre desktops that for the first time include Intel Core 2 Duo processors. The system provides enterprise users with high performance, enhanced security features and automation tools designed to help IT staff remotely manage systems. The machines are pre-loaded with ThinkVantage technologies, a suite of software tools that help maintain productivity and reduce costly and time-consuming calls to the helpdesk.

Deep Content Control
What is it? Prevents data leaks from organisations
How much? Price not yet available until next year

Web security and productivity software firm Websense has developed a product that both Bertie Ahern and the Mahon Tribunal could only wish was around in recent weeks. Aimed at businesses, the company has developed a tool that prevents the unwanted dissemination of sensitive and confidential information – from personnel records to corporate trading secrets. The new Deep Content Control technology acts as a ‘digital data guardian’ to help control how sensitive data can leave the organisation and under what circumstances. For the first time, organisations will be able to control where users go, how they get there, and what information they can send or use under a unified policy management console.

For example, a business could identify and prevent an employee from accidentally or maliciously sending customer credit card data, sales projections or product source code and plans to a non-trusted or unknown location or unauthorised internal recipients. As a result, organisations can more effectively and efficiently respond to issues related to corporate governance and intellectual property protection.

Stylus Photo R360 and R265
What are they? A4 photo printers
How much? The R265 costs €136.99 and the R360 costs €227.99

Printer firm Epson has introduced two new photo printers that enable high-quality, but low-cost printing. The Stylus Photo R360 and Stylus Photo R265 are Epson’s latest A4 photo printers, featuring a new dye ink formulation – Claria Photographic Ink for high quality, low-cost printing. It also includes PhotoEnhance, the photo expert inside your printer and Advanced Variable Sized Droplet technology for smooth tones and fast print speeds. Both printers are ideal for any home where superior print quality is required.
The Stylus Photo R360 allows you to print, edit, crop and remove red-eye from your photos without a computer. Simply insert your digital camera memory card and preview your photos from the colour 3.5-inch viewer. It is ideal for those ready to experiment with their digital photos.
The Stylus Photo R265 includes Epson Easy Photo Print, making it easy for you to edit and print your photos from your computer. It is ideal for those new to the photo printing experience.

By John Kennedy