Product Previews: HP LaserJet, Lenovo ThinkPadX60 and Mamut Point of Sale

21 Nov 2006

This week we preview Lenovo’s new tablet PC (pictured), a colour laser printer from HP and retail software from Mamut.

Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet
What is it? Convertible portable PC
How much? Starts at €2,370

Lenovo’s new ThinkPad X60 can be controlled with either a fingertip or a pen for controlling the cursor and inputting information.
The convertible unit comes with a rotating screen and can act as a conventional laptop or as a slate-type unit. It comes with a 12-inch display with anti-reflective and anti-glare technology to make it easier to see in a variety of lit environments. The tablet is pitched at a range of possible uses such as recording patient information in a hospital setting or note-taking by an estate agent or field sales executive. Select models of the X60 Tablet come with a choice of wireless connectivity options and will work with the upcoming Vista operating system from Microsoft.

HP Colour LaserJet 2700
What is it? Laser printer
How much? €490 including Vat

For businesses that need colour or black-and-white paper documents as needs dictate, HP’s Colour LaserJet 2700 printer offers both in a single device. The printer outputs in black and white at up to 20 pages per minute (ppm) and in colour at up to 15 ppm. Users can print on a wide range of paper types, including envelopes, labels, heavy stock and glossy papers, so that the 2700 can be used to produce business presentations or brochures. A 100-sheet multipurpose tray and a 250-sheet input tray are supplied as standard, with an optional 500-sheet input tray. Businesses keeping an eye on their printing costs can use the access
controls which monitor colour usage and can shut down colour capability completely until it is needed for special projects.

Mamut Point of Sale
What is it? Retail software
How much? €724 including Vat

Small or medium-sized retailers can run their business more efficiently with Mamut point-of-sale (POS) software. The POS system is compatible with Mamut’s business management software and acts as a direct link between the front of house and the back office. It gives staff instant access to update reports or pricing information, allowing them to retrieve stock levels, current pricing, special promotion details and even a customer’s purchase history. Reports generated by the software give up-to-date overviews of sales by time, customer, product or salesperson. Retailers can also use the software to streamline end-of-day processes, as cash register reconciliations are posted directly into the accounts while sales are registered directly on the customer contact card in the financial system.

By Gordon Smith