Product Previews: Iomega REV drive, Webroot Spy Sweeper and Sony Vaio C Series

5 Dec 2006

This week’s round-up of product previews includes storage devices from Iomega (pictured), Webroot anti-spyware and the latest in Sony’s Vaio C laptop series.

Iomega REV drive
What is it? Data storage device
How much? €603 incl Vat

Archiving important documents and files might not be a top consideration for busy SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) but it’s valuable insurance against loss of valuable business data. Iomega’s REV device takes a very different approach to backing up and storing data. Instead of archiving on a tape or CD, it uses a hard drive which can be removed and stored away from the computer or even in another location. The REV drive comes in 35GB and 70GB versions and Iomega claims that files are transferred much faster than to traditional backup media such as tape. Once the REV’s hard disk is removed from the casing it doesn’t need to be kept in a special environment, Iomega claims.

Webroot Spy Sweeper
What is it? Anti-spyware software
How much? Free to try, US$29.95 to buy

Few things are more frustrating than not being able to work because the PC is running slowly and the reason could well be spyware. One of the most popular anti-spyware packages available over the internet, Webroot Spy Sweeper, is now at version 5.2. This tool detects and removes the nastiest spyware out there, detecting and deleting even new spyware mutations. Spy Sweeper has 16 advanced Smart Shields to block new spyware installations and is available from

Sony Vaio C Series
What is it? Laptop range
How much? Approx €1,558

Sony’s new Vaio C series of laptops puts the funk into functionality, with five new colour variations including green, pink, silver, grey and black into the side of the shell casing. Each unit is under 37mm thick, weighs just 2.3kg and comes with a high-resolution widescreen display that uses Sony X-black technology. Hard drive options are either 100GB or 120GB and the notebook’s battery life is rated as over 2.5 hours. The units come with 1GB of memory as standard, which is upgradeable to 2GB. A Dual Layer DVD writer comes as standard so that data such as photos, home movies or music can be copied and shared easily.

By Gordon Smith