Project Valley: Samsung making the world’s first foldable phone?

17 Sep 2015

Samsung image via Connor McKenna

Samsung is working on a whole new concept of smartphone, with their new toy Project Valley testing out a foldable screen unlike anything we’ve seen before.

It’s something that the company has been hinting at for quite some time, but foldable screens still sound cool.

It’s actually been two years since the company first suggested it, with the bendy, flexible ‘Youm’ display shown as far back as CES 2013.

Flexible, foldable smartphone

It’s from that, it appears, that Project Valley has evolved. The bended Galaxy S6 Edge displays were planned as the first step, before moving into the bendy, wallet-friendly forms in 2016.

Here’s a concept video released around that time to give a better look at what a bendy, foldable screen could look like – although I like the tablet with the disco lights.

Sammobile reported on Samsung’s early-stage testing four months ago now and, since then, patents have emerged and wheels have started turning.

Back then, Sammobile warned that the project, as it was in an early stage, could be stopped at any moment. But that moment hasn’t yet arrived, with a foldable smartphone closer now than ever.

Now, according to reports on Weibo, Samsung is investigating two possible processors (Snapdragon 620 and 820), with 3Gb of memory, a microSD slot and a non-removable battery.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic