Raspberry Pi Model B now shipping with double RAM

15 Oct 2012

Raspberry Pi Model B. Image via Wikimedia Commons

Anyone expecting delivery of a Model B Raspberry Pi computer from today can expect double the 256MB RAM as the device gets a boost in performance but not price.

From today, Raspberry Pi distributors Element14/Premier Farnell and RS Components will be shipping Model B devices with 512MB of RAM as standard.

This comes in response to user requests for a Model C device with more RAM for a higher price. This would enable users to run several large applications at once, making Raspberry Pi more like a general purpose computer.

The folks at the Raspberry Pi Foundation are dedicated to keeping their maximum price point as low as US$35, though, and decided to double the RAM on the Model B without changing the price.

For the uninitiated, Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized single-board computer that can be connected to a TV and keyboard for word processing, managing spreadsheets, playing games, or playing HD video. Its purpose is to encourage young children to get involved in programming and computer science.

Model B comes with two USB ports and an Ethernet port and all outstanding orders will now ship with 512MB RAM. A firmware upgrade has been issued to enable access to the additional memory, and this is available now on Github.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic