Reporter confronts London looters on live TV

9 Aug 2011

Sky News reporter Mark Stone took to the streets of Clapham Junction in London Monday night to confront looters and ask them to justify their actions.

Over the sound of an alarm, Stone confronted several looters outside a Currys electronics store, demanding to know what they were doing.

“Kids have been in and out of this store,” he said, as the camera panned across the street to reveal debris on the road, people milling about, and even a flat-screen TV on the ground that a person or persons were unable to haul away.

“I’m just astounded by what you’re doing,” Stone told one woman.

“I’m getting my taxes back,” came the reply.

“So by stealing things you’re getting your taxes back. Are you proud of this? Are you proud of what you’re doing?” Stone asked.

He yelled the same question across the road to two people walking past carrying white packages and with scarves partially covering their faces.

“What’s that about?” he yelled.

Stone, no doubt, asked what many viewers were wanting to ask the looters themselves.

View Mark Stone’s report here:

Reporter confronts looters