Roswell UFO incident crashes into interactive Google Doodle today – play the game

8 Jul 2013185 Views

Roswell Daily Record from 9 July 1947, detailing the Roswell UFO incident. Image via Wikimedia Commons

Was it a flying saucer? Perhaps a piece of US military equipment? The date was 7 July 1947, the day that became known as the Roswell UFO incident because an airborne object crashed into a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. The most popular theory has been the object was a spacecraft carrying extra-terrestrial life. The Roswell UFO incident has, since the 1970s, been the topic of much conspiracy theory. Google is celebrating the anniversary of the apparent ‘UFO’ incident today via a ‘space-trippy’ doodle on its homepage. You can play it as an interactive alien-spacer game!

The search giant’s homepage has taken on quite a ‘spacey’ look today, with the Google logo having been transformed into a spacecraft, or UFO – whatever way you want to perceive it. As for the short point-and-click adventure game, you can play around with an alien and try to help ‘it’ return home to its other planetary abode, wherever that may be …

A US army experiment gone wrong, or a flying disc?

According to reports of the ‘flying disc’ incident from 7 July 1947, the Roswell Army Air base was seemingly involved in recovering the craft, which (according to conspiracies) could have contained four or five bodies.

Alien spacers?

google UFO doodle

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Check out the following YouTube video to get Google’s take on the situation that happened 66 years ago, as well as a round-up of other news that occurred in the US on 7 July 1947.

Today, Google has brought to the internet world one of its most creative and ambitious doodles yet. Enjoy!

Roswell in New Mexico – museum and research centre dedicated to the 1947 ‘incident’

International UFO Museum & Research Center Alien Coloring Book. Designed and published by David Blair. Credit: International UFO Museum Facebook page

International UFO Museum & Research Center Alien Coloring Book. Designed and published by David Blair. Image via International UFO Museum Facebook page

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