Safe computing initiative launched for teens

10 Nov 2009

Online electronics retailer is working in conjunction with children’s safety organisation to deliver a series of safe computing seminars for teens in secondary schools across Ireland.

These seminars are specifically aimed at young adults, with the intention of discussing illegal activity on the internet and the threat it can pose to younger web users. Topics including cyber bullying and online predators will be covered, along with advice on how to avoid such threats.

This seminar has already been delivered to several hundred Irish secondary-school children and is aimed at transition-year students and above, and with Komplett’s sponsorship this will mean the provision of an instructional leaflet with every PC or notebook order and with additional online material.

“The biggest problem in getting practical advice across to teenagers on the topic of internet safety is that they feel like they’re being talked down to,” said Aaron McKenna, country manager of Komplett Ireland.

“These seminars take the approach of treating them like adults and exploring the real issues of illegal activity on the net and how this affects children and teenagers in a sensitive manner, getting their attention to put across some simple and practical advice to protect themselves from threats ranging from identity theft through cyber bullying and up into the realms of avoiding online sexual predators.”

For schools interested in learning more about the seminars they can email enquiries to with further information to be found here.

By Marie Boran

Photo: is working with to deliver safe computing seminars for teens in secondary schools across Ireland.