and Google in global alliance

5 Jun 2007 and Google have joined together to create a new internet-based product that aims to help businesses find and retain customers.

The new product combines the’s online CRM (customer relationship management) applications with the Google AdWords platform.

As part of the alliance, will be the first on-demand company to resell the Google AdWords platform, acting as an official distribution channel for the Google AdWords product. The alliance is across 43 countries and encompasses distribution, technology and co-marketing efforts.

“Combining the power and simplicity of Salesforce with Google AdWords helps businesses find and keep customers to ultimately drive their continued success,” said Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google.

The product, titled Salesforce Group Edition featuring Google AdWords, enables any company to jump-start their business by creating an online marketing and sales presence, the companies claimed. It encapsulates every element of the customer lifecycle – advertising, creating leads, closing business and retaining customers – in one product.

Users of the product can create ads quickly and cheaply and can capture sales leads by enticing consumers to fill in their details online.

Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of, said: “The Internet has completely changed the landscape for small and medium businesses and the alliance between Google and enables companies of all sizes to acquire new customers and streamline their business to experience unfettered success.”

By Niall Byrne