Samsung boasts Galaxy Note 4’s durability in video

8 Oct 2014

Image via YouTube

Following reports of iPhone 6 devices bending under nothing more than the stress of being placed in a skinny jeans pocket, Samsung Electronics seems determined to prove its own marquee smartphone is pretty much unbreakable.

Having already put the soon-to-be-released Galaxy Note 4 phone through bend tests using an artificial rear end, the consumer tech giant has now released a new video that shows the device taking a serious battering in a series of drop tests.

Flung from all sorts of heights, from all sorts of angles and onto all sorts of surfaces – all captured by some very Matrix-like filming techniques – the phones are dropped hundreds of times, appearing to emerge from the tests totally unscathed.

“Samsung makes and sells hundreds of millions of smart devices every year, and part of its efforts to make sure consumers can have peace of mind using it, Samsung runs rigorous tests both during and after development and production,” wrote the company on its official blog, Samsung Tomorrow.

Apple have dismissed reports that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus was prone to bending or warping, claiming that they’d only received nine complaints in the immediate aftermath.

Whatever truth there may be to the rumours, Samsung Mobile certainly seem to be enjoying Apple’s woes, posting on it official Twitter page that the Galaxy Note Edge device is ‘Curved. Not bent’.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic