Samsung reveals three new curved TVs, that’s six this year

29 Aug 2016

The new CF791 curved TV from Samsung

Samsung’s efforts to make everyone’s TV a curved work of modern, technological art show no signs of abating, with its fourth, fifth and sixth curved devices of this year released.

Ahead of IFA in Berlin this week, Samsung has revealed a 66pc increase in the amount of curved TVs it has created this year, with CFG70 and CF791 bringing its gaming collection to a surprisingly large half-dozen devices.

Curved screens are a bit of a Samsung special, with the first device brought out back in 2014. Though this year seems a breakthrough year, with the two new TVs complementing the 27in-CF591 and 23.5in- and 27in-CF390 brought out at CES back in February.


The CFG70 curved TV from Samsung

Curved TV growth

Future Human

CFG70 (available in 24in and 27in) is dwarfed by CF791 (34in), but it’s what’s under the hood that sounds most impressive.

The former is a “premium multi-sensory gaming destination”, according to the company, with 1800R curvature and “sound interactive LED lighting”. It sports Samsung’s gaming interface, with shortcut hot keys dotted around the device.

The CF791, though, that’s the big one. With 1500R curvature, the company claims this is the curviest gaming monitor around. With a 100Hz refresh rate and a 21:9 aspect ratio, the TV syncs up its refresh rates with gamers’ graphics cards.


The gaming market

“As the gaming market continues to enjoy rapid worldwide growth, gamers expect advanced display technologies that can bring out the latest video game features and optimise the gameplay experience,” said Seog-gi Kim, SVP of Samsung Electronics’ visual display business.

“By enhancing our pioneering curved gaming monitors with quantum dot technology, our CFG70 and CF791 displays further surround players and make them feel as if they are part of the game. We are excited to demonstrate this futuristic and immersive gaming environment at IFA 2016.”

Of course, Samsung is not the only company pressing forward with this new, slightly different type of TV. Late last year HP brought out its own range of variants for Windows PCs.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic