Samsung enters a Blue Phase with new LCD TV

15 May 2008

In a few days time Samsung will unveil its new LCD TV containing Blue Phase technology, which is said to give image quality of 240Hertz, in other words, twice the quality of the best LCD screen on the market today.

The Blue Phase LCD television will be on show at the SID (Society for Information Display) 2008 event in Los Angeles from 18-23 May but will not be mass produced for commercial availability until 2011, according to Samsung.

However, Samsung said the technology will mainly be used in “TVs that require high-speed video reproduction”, so presumably it means a TV playing a Bond movie.

Blue Phase’s 240Hertz response rate will allow for more natural movement from video, but will also reduce the dead patches or bruising that can occur on an LCD monitor when too much pressure is applied.

As Blue Phase technology is not produced in the standard way, LCD monitors will give better quality images but also be more cost-effective to produce.

The term Blue Phase arose when researchers working on the technology noticed bluish hues on the LCD screen – let’s hope that has long since been sorted out and will not be visible when the machines become available on the market.

By Marie Boran