Samsung launches Bluetooth-activated Smart Bulb, lasts 10 years

28 Mar 2014

Samsung has launched the first smart lightbulb, simply known as the Smart Bulb, which the company promises will last 10 years but is only activated through Bluetooth.

The South Korean bulb will be competing with its fellow compatriots LG, which beat Samsung to the punch with its own smart lightbulb last week.

The Smart Bulb is seen as the continuing influence of the internet of things, as the bulb can only be activated through a device’s Bluetooth connection.

The user will install an app on his or her device and will then have the ability to turn the bulb off and on or dim up to 64 different lightbulbs in a building.

The LED light is expected to give 15,000 hours worth of light – the equivalent of 10 years – with the ability to dim down to just 10pc brightness and tune from 2700K to 6500K for different ranges of whites.

Samsung also said the bulbs will feature a parabolic aluminised reflector (PAR), allowing for a swivel-head type function.

There has yet to be an announcement on the price of the bulb, but LG’s own smart lightbulb is to retail for US$32 so Samsung’s bulb may reach a similar price.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic