Samsung launches Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5

13 Aug 2015

The new Galaxy S6 Edge+ has been released just five months after its predecessor saw the light of day. It’s now larger, more powerful but, thankfully, looks the same as the Galaxy S6 Edge.

The metal and glass makeup is again one design, with the dual edge display retained in a larger 5.7-inch HD Amoled screen.

The previous 5.1-inch display was hardly minuscule so the improved size may surprise some, but what is more telling is how little the phone has grown to support that.

The rear camera still relies on the fine 16Mpx sensor, with the device running on an improved 5.1 Lollipop.

Galaxy S6 Edge+ looks the same

But, in truth, it looks identical to the original Galaxy S6 Edge, which is good as, when we reviewed that back in the spring, John Kennedy was struck by “an immediatley impressive first impression”.

If it ain’t broke etc.

Video capabilities have been slightly improved, with an interesting ‘Live Broadcast’ feature to let you, well, broadcast video live.

As it’s Samsung, wireless charging capabilities will catch the eye, as will ‘SideSync’, which will let you hook your phone up to your PC wirelessly.

Battery, RAM

The battery is still not removable, but is slightly better and charges in the same amount of time (two hours) as the S6 Edge.

It’s marginally longer and wider, but also marginally thinner, with a larger 4GB of RAM powering its Exynos processor.

“At Samsung, we’re committed to offering our customers a best-in-class technology experience, providing the ultimate on-the-go immersive multimedia viewing experience,” said Andy Griffiths, president of Samsung Electronics in the UK & Ireland.

“The launch of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ delivers on this promise. Combining the world’s first dual edge display with a range of intuitive features and an incredibly vivid, large screen, we’re re-emphasising our ongoing commitment to bold, fearless innovation that meets the needs of today’s consumers.”

New Note, too

The Galaxy Note 5 was also released, with it “inspired by the design legacy of the Galaxy S6”, while also taking most of its cues from last year’s Note 4.

The launch event showed a nice new touch to the Note, actually, with you able to scribble messages onto the display without unlocking the screen.

It has the same size screen as the S6 Edge+, with a lot of the same processing capabilities, too. It comes in either 32GB or 64gB forms, with it slightly smaller than its predecessors.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic