Samsung offers mobile movie downloads

19 Mar 2009

Samsung is now offering movie downloads to its customers – but before you get too excited, right now this service is only available in the UK and Germany. It will be rolled out across the rest of Europe pretty soon.

The new movie download service offers downloads for your PC or laptop with a mobile copy thrown in as well, so you can enjoy Batman Begins on your Tocco Ultra Edition (other devices will be added soon).

Copies can be bought for between UK£7.99 and £13.99 sterling, and rented for between UK£2.49 and £3.99 sterling. The rented versions expire after 24 hours.

Right now, there are 500 titles available ranging from new releases to classics, and Samsung said another 1,000 will be added by summer 2009.

All movies are encoded in 16:9 ratio and are about 1.5GB in size. Once downloaded, the owner has two licences: one for their TV/PC/laptop and one for their mobile device.

If the service is rolled out by 2009 to the rest of Europe, this will be a major victory for Samsung in the Irish market, given that the iTunes Store does not yet have any movies or TV shows available for download in this region.

By Marie Boran