Samsung reveals world’s first 4G LTE-based netbook

16 Feb 2010

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2010, BARCELONA – Consumer electronics giant Samsung has introduced the world’s first Long Term Evolution-based netbook which includes its own in-house designed LTE modem chipset, Kalmia.

Samsung demonstrated live video streaming via the company’s own Long Term Evolution (LTE) networking equipment at the GSM Association Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week.

It follows hot on the heels of the company’s latest deployment of a commercial LTE dongle.

Long Term Evolution represents the next major step by operators in the direction of fourth-generation mobile networks, heralding an era where wireless broadband will grow in excess of speeds of 50Mbps and more over wide areas.

The Samsung netbook N150 is currently available in the market with HSPA 3G communications and Wi-Fi access and will become commercially available with LTE according to service schedule and market demand.

The inclusion of LTE will deliver high speed, low latency and ubiquitous connectivity to all users who require high-volume data access whenever they want and wherever they are. For the first time, operators preparing for the deployment of next-generation networks can deliver high-powered products to showcase network strength and the true benefits to end users.

Samsung N150 features

The N150’s 10.1″ anti-reflective LED display gives users fine-tuned images with the sharpest detail and boldest colours, without the inconvenience of mirror effects under bright lights or in sunny weather. This energy-efficient display also works with the N150’s optimised processing performance and Samsung’s proprietary-enhanced battery life solution to deliver exceptional battery performance of up to 8.5 hours.

Using the integrated Easy Resolution Manager tool, screen resolution can easily be changed if a program or game needs to be viewed in 1,024×768. Additional visual enhancements include an integrated Digital LiveCam for video-conferencing or live messaging. An integrated webcam, internal microphone and headphone-out connection also provide an easy and cost-effective way to stay in touch with friends and family using video-conferencing, live messaging or VoIP telephony.

“The N150 is the smart choice to meet all your essential mobile computing needs with style,” said Kyu Uhm, vice-president of Samsung IT Solutions Business.

“We see increasing demand for data services, regardless of whether the consumer is indoors, outside, or even on the move.”

Samsung’s public demonstration of Long Term Evolution (LTE) included a total solution from infrastructure to mobile devices. In particular, Samsung has developed its own access and core networks, which support multi-vendor interoperability.

Besides the world’s first LTE-embedded netbook PC, Samsung is also showcasing the dongle type device GT-B3710. Samsung’s LTE solution is fully compliant with the latest 3GPP LTE Rel-8 standard. Initial deployment of the service began in 2009 and active discussion and trial tests will continue in 2010.

By John Kennedy

Photo: The Samsung N150, the world’s first Long Term Evolution-based netbook

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