Samsung sees iPad 2’s size and price as a ‘challenge’

4 Mar 2011

Samsung sees the iPad 2’s slim design and price as an obstacle to its upcoming Galaxy Tab 10.1, the company said.

According to YonHap News Agency, Lee Don-joo, executive vice-president of Samsung’s mobile division, said the 8.8mm thick iPad 2 presented new challenges for the company’s upcoming tablet.

“We will have to improve the parts that are inadequate,” Lee said.

The iPad 2’s price was also an issue for Samsung. The cost of the iPad 2 starts from US$499 and goes up to US$829. The original 7-inch Galaxy Tab was priced at US$900 in America. In Ireland, the Galaxy Tab is priced from €635.

“The 10-inch (tablet) was to be priced higher than the 7-inch (tablet) but we will have to think that over,” said Lee.

The iPad 2 announcement saw Apple CEO Steve Jobs take a few digs at competitors, including Samsung.

During the presentation, Jobs said Samsung’s vice-president of mobile marketing Young-hee Lee mentioned that the original Samsung Galaxy Tab sales were “quite small.”

However, this was apparently a mistranslation, and what Young-hee Lee actually said was that the sales went “quite smooth.”