Samsung takes over 60 Carphone Warehouse stores in Europe

29 Jan 2014

Image via Tanjala Gica/Shutterstock

The mobile retail landscape in Europe is set to change as 60 Carphone Warehouse stores in Ireland, the UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands are set to become Samsung-only outlets.

Carphone Warehouse and Samsung have signed an agreement making the phone retailer the preferred partner for Samsung’s European store operations. This will involve 60 of Carphone Warehouse’s 1,400 stores across Europe being converted into dedicated Samsung stores.

Carphone Warehouse will still operate the stores, but they will only sell Samsung mobile, tablet, laptop and wearable products. The extensive roll out stems from a successful pilot operation involving three stores in Spain last year.

The 60 stores in question will be overhauled over the next three months to create a retail space with a premium look and feel, merging retail and technology innovations, such as Carphone Warehouse’s assisted sales tool and connectivity platform using Samsung-branded tablets.

The transformation brings Samsung closer to matching Apple’s retail footprint in Europe of about 100 dedicated stores and Carphone Warehouse has not ruled out the chance of this partnership expanding under the agreement.

Samsung retail image by Tanjala Gica via Shutterstock

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