Samsung to reveal VR headset to rival Google’s Cardboard

13 Aug 2014

The Oculus Rift uses the Note 3 as the basis of its hardware

After Google intrigued tech journalists with its Cardboard virtual reality (VR) headset last June, Samsung is soon to launch its own headset that will also base its function on smartphones.

Known only as Project Moonlight, Samsung will make its first attempt in the ever-growing VR industry, not with a DIY cardboard headset like Google, but with a solid plastic model whose VR technology will also be based on the smartphone inserted into the device to reduce costs.

According to The Verge, which obtained photos of the device, the headset will include a focus dial with the potential for a USB connection with the user’s smartphone, as well as a handheld controller device that could draw parallels with a gaming controller from an older generation of gaming consoles.

While Project Moonlight has been pictured with a Samsung Galaxy S5, the headset is due to be launched at Samsung’s product event this September, where another one of its new gadgets, the Galaxy Note 4, is also due to be launched.

Given that the headset has yet to hit the market, it would therefore make sense that the new Note will also be compatible with the headset.

VR headset image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic