Samsung uses artificial bum to put Note 4 through bend test

3 Oct 2014

In the name of science and point scoring off its biggest rivals in the US, Samsung has put its new Note 4 phone through a bend test using an artificial bum.

As almost anyone paying attention to the news would have noted, Apple’s 5.5in iPhone 6 Plus was reported to have a problem where the device would bend slightly in people’s pockets, but now Samsung have gone to great lengths to prove their phone withstands the pressure.

Posting a YouTube video to their blog page, Samsung appear to show that their phone withstands the same amount of continuous pressure as someone who would have the phone in their back pocket on an average day.

The first of which being the three-point bend test which pushes a metal bar into the middle of the 5.7in phone at a pressure of 250 Newtons, which is enough to break three pencils at once.

The last test seems like something of an oddity as a replica of a human behind, weighing 100kg, is placed above the phone and lowered and raised several hundred times to simulate the phone being sat on.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic