Samsung’s new EX2F camera is both smart and bright

3 Jul 2012

To combine high-end photography and easy sharing, Samsung has come up with the EX2F, the latest model in its range of Wi-Fi-enabled smart cameras featuring the brightest lens of any Samsung compact camera.

The EX1 featured a f1.8 lens while the new model offers even brighter photography with an f1.4 24mm lens plus a 1 x 1.7-inch 12MP BSI CMOS sensor.

As well as images, the camera shoots 1080/30p full HD video with stereo sound. Using the Dual Capture feature, you can even shoot both simultaneously.

Wi-Fi functionality means the EX2F can store and share images remotely, which would make backing up files or posting to Facebook or Picasa very easy.

Mobile Link connectivity allows users to connect the device to their smartphones to share images or video or even use their phones to frame shots using the Remote Viewfinder.

Full manual control, as well as RAW mode, is available for experienced photographers, and adjustments are made using the front wheel key and dual dials, which enable quick switching between settings.

Samsung EX2F - top

A Neutral Density filter gives users greater control over exposure time in different conditions, which should help photos appear more natural in situations of over-exposure. It also allows for shooting at a shallow depth of field – no need for Instagram filters to isolate subjects and create blurry backgrounds.

A combination of OIS and DIS minimises the effect of shaking, while a 3-inch Swivel AMOLED display claims to consume little battery power and the Smart Panel user interface incorporates user controls into the display.

Elaine Burke is the host of For Tech’s Sake, a co-production from Silicon Republic and The HeadStuff Podcast Network. She was previously the editor of Silicon Republic.