‘Selfie’, ‘hashtag’ and ‘vlog’ added to official Scrabble dictionary

5 Aug 2014

More than 5,000 new words, including selfie, bromance, vlog, hashtag, texter and frenemy have been added to the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary – in the first major update in a decade.

Merriam-Webster is about to release the fifth edition of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary and the addition of the new words will make them officially playable in the board game. Such words include geocache, a word fans chose in the Scrabble Word Showdown earlier this year. 

Players in the US and Canada will now be able to rack up points with geocache and other words that have entered language recently, including beatbox, chillax, joypad, mixtape, bojito, ponzu, soju, Sudoku, vodcast and yuzu.

The first edition of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary was published in 1978.

“Language is constantly evolving and new words are added to Merriam-Webster dictionaries on an on-going basis,” said Peter Sokolowski, editor-at-large for Merriam-Webster. 

“Now thousands of those words can officially be played on the Scrabble game board, as long as they meet the Scrabble game’s criteria for length and styling,” Sokolowski added.

Scrabble bag image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years