September mass manufacture of mini iPad in time for October launch?

4 Jul 2012

The latest iPad

Manufacturers in Asia are understood to be preparing to begin mass production of the anticipated Apple iPad mini, suggesting an October launch for the device.

While rumours of an iPad with a screen size less than 7 or 8 inches have been around as long as the iPad itself (two years and counting), in recent days speculation has gone into overdrive with major news outlets like Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal all carrying reports.

There have been indications that the first-generation mini iPad will not come with a Retina display.

Apple is understood to be working with LG on displays that are about 7.8 inches in size and that suppliers in Asia have been told to gear up for mass manufacture in September.

The new device is also expected to sell for around US$200, providing unwelcome competition for Google’s new Nexus 7, which goes on sale this month, and Amazon’s successful Kindle Fire.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years