Site to predict Facebook’s closing share price today

18 May 2012

Facebook’s IPO is almost upon us, so a fun site has emerged for people to post what they think the social networking giant’s closing share price will be when the bell closes today at 5pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the NASDAQ.

The site itself is called, and anyone with a Twitter account can use it. According to the site, you log in via Twitter and make your prediction on what Facebook’s IPO closing day share price will be.

So, even if you aren’t investing in Facebook today, you can still get in on furore that’s heating up around what is being deemed the biggest tech IPO in history.

Facebook has set the final price for its IPO today at US$38 a share. But as to what the share price will close at when the bell rings on the NASDAQ at 5pm (EST) is anyone’s guess.

Here’s a glimpse of what some tech people are anticipating today to happen when Facebook goes public …

Twitter investor Chris Sacca has used the site to post his prediction:
Chris Sacca (@sacca) predicted $56 a share valuing Facebook at $140,745,424,456

Foursquare’s Tristan Walker also made his prediction:
tristan walker (@tristanwalker) predicted $55 a share valuing Facebook at $138,232,113,305

Meanwhile angel investor Jason Calacanis had this to say:
Jason Calacanis (@Jason) predicted $52 a share valuing Facebook at $130,692,179,852

Some 1,911 people have so far predicted an average closing share price of US$54, valuing Facebook at US$135,718,802,154.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic