Skype partners with Logitech on device that makes video calls via any HDTV (video)

3 Aug 2012

The new Logitech TV Cam HD connects to any HDTV via a HDMI cable to let users make video calls through Skype in high definition, directly from their television sets.

Skype’s own research tells it that 40pc of video calls take place in the living room, so it has partnered with Logitech on this device in order to optimise video calling using a common fixture in modern living rooms: the HDTV.

The TV Cam HD comes with a built-in Skype app and it’s Wi-Fi enabled so a smart TV is not necessary. It also comes with an Ethernet port as an alternative to Wi-Fi.

The device can either be mounted to the TV or to the wall and the wide-angle lens can capture the entire room, while the remote control lets users tilt, pan and zoom in on specific areas. The remote can also be used to answer calls, access contacts and navigate the Skype UI.

Logitech TV Cam HD

Users can store up to 20 Skype accounts on the camera and, once logged in, a built-in ringer and flashing LED lets users know when a call is incoming, even if the TV is off.

Using Logitech’s Fluid Crystal technology and Carl Zeiss optics, the TV Cam HD offers HD 720p picture and claims to produce clear images even in low light. Four microphones are built into the device, which are designed to pick up the user’s voice loud and clear while excluding ambient noise.

The TV Cam HD will be available in Europe in September. While euro pricing is yet to be confirmed, the RRP is currently set at US$199.99.


Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic