Slack creates group direct messaging tool for up to nine users

28 Oct 2015

One message to rule them allB

Slack has revitalised its core offering with the introduction of Group Direct Messages, which can accommodate up to nine users within a single Direct Message.

The move is a welcome development for hardcore users because up until now you could only use private groups to talk with one other person.

“With this new feature, you can break into a private discussion with up to eight other people (nine total, including you) whenever you see fit,” Slack explained in a blog post.

“The conversation will persist in your list of Direct Messages and you can return to that group at any time, or hide it when you’re done talking.”

Users can find conversations in the Quick Switcher by searching for names.

Clever new tools from Slack


In addition, a Direct Message-only Quick Switcher view is available if you hit CMD-SHIFT-K on a Mac or CTRL-SHIFT-K on Windows or Linux keyboards.

In one deft move, Private Groups have now become Private Channels.

Private channels now will be shown mixed in with your existing open channels alphabetically, with small lock icons next to the private ones.

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years