Smartphone over sex? Yep, for a third of survey respondents

4 Aug 2011

One-third of smartphone owners would opt to give up sex for a week than go without their devices within reach, a survey by navigation company TeleNav suggests.

In the survey of more than 500 people in the US, one in five respondents said they would rather give up shoes and computers for seven days instead of their smartphones.

Smartphone owners will even go without food and drink for a week in order to hang on to their handsets: 70pc of respondents would skip alcohol, 63pc would shun chocolate and 55pc would do away with caffeine.

Fifty-four per cent of respondents would give up exercise for seven days instead of their smartphones.

In terms of specific smartphones, iPhone users were the most unlikely to go without their devices. Forty-three per cent of them would go without shoes for a week and 40pc would even give up their toothbrushes. Eighty-three per cent would rather have a fellow iPhone owner as a romantic companion, although 22pc of respondents said they would rather be without their partner for a week than lose their smartphones.

If the relationship doesn’t work out, though, 10-18pc of survey respondents may call it quits digitally. That percentage has ended a relationship via a smartphone with an email, voice mail, text message, and even a message on a social network.

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