Smartphone penetration keeps accelerating (info graphic)

5 Mar 2012

The 100 Million Club

Smartphone penetration accelerated from 26pc of the world market in Q1 2011 to 34pc in Q4 2011, according to a new info graphic, ‘The 100 Million Club’, combining data from Gartner, IDC, Canalys and Strategy Analytics.

According to the data, there were nearly 1.6bn mobile handsets shipped in 2011 and some 483m of these were smartphones.

Global smartphone penetration reached an average of 30pc in 2011, up from 11pc in 2008.

According to the info graphic, Apple’s iOS platform has shipped on 183m devices, while Google’s Android platform has shipped on 315m devices.

Nokia is still the handset doyen with Series 40 shipped on nearly 1.5bn devices by the end of Q4 2011.

Despite the hype, Samsung’s Bada platform (16m) has been shipped on twice as many handsets as Microsoft’s Windows Phone (8m).

Focusing exclusively on smartphones, Apple’s iOS platform has 19pc of the global market, while Android has 49pc.

Other platforms include BlackBerry with 11pc, Symbian with 16pc, Bada with 2pc and Windows Phone with 1pc.

In terms of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), Samsung leads the field with 20pc of smartphone handsets shipped, followed closely by Apple with 19pc, Nokia with 16pc, RIM with 11pc, HTC with 9pc, LG with 5pc, Sony Ericsson with 5pc, Motorola with 4pc, Huawei with 3pc, ZTE with 3pc and others 5pc.

The 100 Million Club

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years