Smartphones have made us all information addicts (infographic)

9 Jul 2013

Ireland has become a nation of information addicts thanks to smartphones. According to a new infographic from O2 Media, 90pc of us sleep with our smartphones within reach and 64pc of us check our phones every 30 minutes.

O2 Media’s Fintan Lonergan says that mobile marketing currently lags behind consumer marketing and brands are actually missing out on a big opportunity. O2 Media is the digital marketing arm of Telefónica and clients include Aer Lingus, Heineken, Nissan, Dunnes Stores and IKEA.

According to the infographic based on a survey of the smartphone habits of O2 customers, 75pc of users check their mobile phone while still lying in bed in the morning.

Sixty-four per cent use their phone to explore and book travel and hotels, and more than 50pc have already made online purchases using their smartphones.

Revealingly, 96pc of phone owners say they would redeem a voucher sent to their mobile phone, 81pc recall receiving some kind of mobile advertising and 40pc would make a store their first choice if it offered free Wi-Fi.

“With 80pc of our customers positive about receiving deals and coupons on their phone and 64pc checking their device every 30 minutes even if they haven’t received a message, mobile is clearly where it’s at as regards consumer engagement,” Lonergan said.

“Mobile marketing spend lags behind consumer behaviour and I would encourage brands to integrate mobile into their communication plans now. Consumers have already switched their time and attention to this always-with-you, always-on medium.”

According to eMarketer, the global mobile advertising market doubled last year to an estimated US$8.4bn and is forecast to reach US$36.8bn by 2016.

O2 Media

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years