‘SmartSwatch’: Swatch to launch chargeless smartwatch in April

5 Feb 2015

Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch is attempting to muscle in on Apple’s Apple Watch launch this April with a smartwatch that reportedly doesn’t need to be charged and can make mobile payments.

The revelations of the company’s intentions came after an interview with the executive officer of the Swiss chronologist, Nick Hayek, who said the device will have an April release.

According to Bloomberg, the as-yet un-named watch will be compatible with Android and Windows phones and will communicate with other devices and systems through the internet, all of which follows a record year for Swatch in terms of patent applications, particularly with regard to its watches’ battery life.

However, neither Hayek nor Swatch have revealed details of how the watch doesn’t need to be charged, but they have confirmed the company has signed deals with two of Switzerland’s largest retailers, Migros and Coop, to allow the watch to pay for services.

The prospect of a chargeless smartwatch would certainly be a shot across the bow at Apple, which has revealed its upcoming Apple Watch is unlikely to be much of an energy-retentive piece of technology with its estimates putting its lifespan in heavy use at no more than a few hours.

Swatch store image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic