Some men would rather have new iPad than girlfriend – survey

23 Apr 2012

Apple's newest iPad

Eleven per cent of single men would rather have the new Apple iPad than a new girlfriend, a survey by online casino suggests.

What’s more, 3pc of the single men who responded to the survey said they would happily exchange their current partner for the new tablet computer.

Most women (84pc) on the other hand, would prefer to have a new partner rather than a new iPad.

A pickier 4pc of respondents said they would prefer a tablet computer not made by Apple instead of a new partner.

The survey results came as a shock, said a spokesman for, regardless of the demand for the product (3m new iPads sold in three days).

“The Apple product has a wide variety of functions but even the latest version can’t offer some of the things that a new romance can – but it seems many males are happy to forego this,” the spokesman said.

“Many women joke about becoming football widows when the season is in full swing but it seems some men are willing to take things a step further and are happy to steer clear of relationships altogether to spend more time with their beloved toy.

“Women were found to be much more sociable than men, with only a small percentage willing to put their love life on hold to get the new iPad,” the spokesman added.

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic