Sony Ericsson working on Android gaming device?

12 Aug 2010

Rumour has it that Sony Ericsson is working on an Android 3.0 smartphone with PSPGo gaming capabilities built in. Will Android finally get its game on?

Competition is stiff for the PSP and even harder for Android, what with the new iPhone 4 having a gyroscope and a HD screen on top of best- selling game apps. And then there’s the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS bringing the latest 3D visuals into the handheld world.

A dedicated gaming device from Sony Ericsson that also happens to be an Android device complete with this operating system’s various elements might just be the ticket.
Engadget reports that this device does indeed exist and is being developed at the moment with a late 2010 release date on the cards.

Apparently it will be a cross between a Samsung Captivate handset and the Sony PSPGo. So that’s a touchscreen phone with slide out controls dedicated to gaming then, is it?

And more news: it is apparently being branded as an Xperia device. The Xperia X10 already melds Android and Sony Ericsson interface seamlessly so there’s a good possibility that with the PlayStation multimedia interface this could be a solid device.

If this is released before Christmas can it take on the App Store and the Nintendo DS? Let’s wait for the game titles, shall we?