Sony launches clip-on LCD screen for DSLR cameras

13 Jan 2011

Sony has introduced a new clip-on LCD monitor for DSLR cameras to provide a larger display for viewing footage while shooting HD video.

The CLM-V55 features a WVGA 800 x 480 5-inch display and can be attached to most interchangeable lens digital cameras and compatible HD camcorders.

The video monitor can be attached through the supplied adaptor and can be hooked up to the camera using a HDMI cable.

It displays video footage during shooting and playback and provides a wide viewing angle.

The clip-on screen can tilt and swivel in any angle and provides pixel magnification mode to assist with accurate focus confirmation.

It also has a colour peaking function that highlights the edges of accurately focused areas of the image.

Users can adjust the aspect ratio, volume, brightness, contrast and colour tone on the monitor.

The Sony CLM-V55 LCD video monitor is available from March 2011.