Sony launches micro device for mobile phones

28 Sep 2010

The Sony Ericsson LiveView has been introduced, a micro display product with remote control functionality that mirrors mobile phone activities.

The LiveView uses Bluetooth connectivity to wireless pair up with most phones that run Android 2.0 and above and lets users control this phone without taking it out of their pocket or bag.

It runs on the Android platform and has the ability to read texts, see incoming calls and keep up to date with Facebook and Twitter.

It can also let the user control music features of the handset from the micro display, selecting tracks and controlling volume.

The LiveView runs on the Android platform and acts as a calendar reminder, as well.

The device can be clipped onto a watch strap, a keychain or a laptop.

The LiveView also has specifically enabled applications and Sony provide a LiveWare Manager application to find them

It scans the Android Market from these apps and presents them to the user. It will be available from the Android Market or pre-installed in phone bundles.

The Sony Ericsson LiveView will be available in stores at the end of 2010.