Sony Reader may come with WiFi

13 Aug 2009

Unlike the Amazon Kindle, Sony’s line-up of eReaders do not have any wireless connectivity but this may soon change with an upcoming Sony press conference tipped to be announcing a WiFi model.

Should Sony announce a wireless version of its Reader this will be another feather in its cap following the unveiling of two brand new models last week.

The Reader Touch Edition, priced at US$299.99 is the ‘all the extras’ version with a 6-inch screen, touch interface and super thin chassis.

The Reader Pocket Edition, with a 5-inch screen and navigational buttons rather than touch, is pitched at the lower price of US199.99.

Apart from this competitive pricing Sony’s Reader does not currently have the added advantage of wireless connectivity that allows Amazon Kindle owners to directly download and purchase eBooks through the device.

The Sony Reader requires side loading of content via PC or Mac, something that ties it down. Were this to change Amazon’s Kindle would be in for some serious competition.

Image: bfishadow on Flickr.