Sony releases PlayStation Suite SDK open beta

19 Apr 2012

PS Vita

Sony is making its open beta version of the PlayStation Suite SDK publicly available for free. This will let developers make content accessible for PlayStation-certified devices, such as the PS Vita and Sony’s Android devices.

Engadget reports that the open beta includes a 2D games engine and 2D physical engine, along with content samples which utilise these libraries to let developers create optimised content for these devices.

It lets developers create games which use physical buttons and touchscreen input through a PC-based simulator.

Developers can test and debug their content on compatible Sony devices and can access a developers’ forum.

The open beta of the PlayStation Suite SDK is available here. The official version will launch in 2012 and will require an annual subscription to access it, which will cost US$99. It will let developers distribute content on the PlayStation Store after completing a licence agreement.