Sony unveils PS3 Slim, brings price cut

19 Aug 2009

The long-rumoured PS3 Slim finally arrives and brings a price cut for the original PlayStation 3 with it.

Ahead of showtime under the spotlight of one of the biggest gaming conventions of the year – Germany’s Gamescon – Sony has already spilled the beans on the long-rumoured PlayStation 3 Slim. It’s here!PS3 Slim

Or at least it is on the way. And, as expected, if you were squinting at those fuzzy images released on the web a few months ago, the PS3 Slim is indeed shiny, black and streamlined.

It will have an RRP of €299 and a 120GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

As Kazuo Hirai, chairman and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, unveiled the wundertoy to an audience of overly excited gamer geeks he announced that it will be going on sale worldwide from 1st September.

From 19 August the current 80GB PS3 will have its price cut to €299.

Another big announcement from Sony: the PlayStation Network is rolling out across Europe in November and this means being able to buy or rent movies from the PS3 console, something us Europeans have recently got a taste for with Xbox Live.

So far the announcement has only specified the UK, France, Germany and Spain. Here’s hoping Ireland will be included in this deal.

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