Sony’s home cinema sound in palm of your hand

5 Aug 2008

With tiny speakers that are literally the size of a golf ball, Sony is pushing the ‘home cinema in a box’ experience with its new Bravia Theatre systems.

The DAV-IS50 is basically a home cinema system that comprises a control centre with DVD/MP3/CD loader, wireless rear speakers and extra tiny speakers that can be wall-mounted around the television screen or somewhere less conspicuous if you wish.

The system can also be turned into a hub for streaming media from your PC or hard drive with the use of an adapter.

Although these tiny speakers have already been available with the previous DAV-IS10 system, the latest DAV-IS50 promises perfect surround sound even in a large living room.

This new system is going for the minimalist approach with hidden touch-sensor controls on the control centre, which start working as the user moves their hand over them.

Another nice feature is the Sports Mode – it turns your living room into a virtual football stadium as the sports announcer’s voice comes loud and clear from the centre speaker with crowd noises coming from the background – you’ll never have to leave your couch again!

Sony has also released the all-in-one HT-IS100 that can be connected to your existing DVD or Blu-ray player with a hideaway subwoofer unit, along with five of the palm-sized speakers to provide surround sound.

By Marie Boran

Pictured: Sony’s IS50 palm-sized speaker