Spunout.ie now available in 50 languages

18 Oct 2010

Youth information website Spunout.ie has revealed it is now fluent in 50 luangages, including Polish, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic and also our native Irish language.

It means that SpunOut.ie’s 5,000 pages of content can now be translated at the click of a mouse, ensuring more young people in an increasingly diverse Ireland can receive information on sexual and mental health, find support services and engage with other young people on health, social and political issues.

“It is vital that organisations such as ours reflect the diversity of our country and work to address gaps where people aren’t supported or engaged,” said Ruairí McKiernan, CEO and founder of the organisation.

“Ireland’s population makeup has charged massively in the last few years and it is vital that we support younger people who may be struggling to integrate into Irish society, such as young immigrants or migrant workers.

Google Translate

“We have taken this step to ensure those who are more comfortable seeking information in other languages will now be able to do so thanks to the great technology provided by Google Translate.

“We reach over 500,000 users each year, including over 10pc from overseas, and we’re hoping this initiative will allow us to reach many more and really ensure all backgrounds and cultures are valued and respected as much as possible.

Spunout.ie is partially funded by a mix of philanthropic, foundation, state and community funding and relies on the support and involvement of people from across Ireland to make what it does possible.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years