Starbucks most popular Facebook brand with 10m fans

15 Jul 2010

Starbucks yesterday became the first brand on Facebook to exceed 10 million fans, according to the Inside Facebook blog, an independent provider of news and market research on the social-networking site.

Pop star Lady Gaga was the first living person to clock up 10 million fans on 4 July.

Inside Facebook’s Sara Inés Calderón said Starbuck’s success on Facebook was partly due to the store’s popularity and ubiquity, but also because it maintains a very active presence on the site.

“The company’s audience of 10 million people around the world has been hard won with marketing, promotions and advertising.

“The page is consistently one of the top 20 fastest-growing pages, as evidenced by our weekly posts showing the number of fans added to the pages with the aid of our PageData tool. And Starbucks consistently has an update or promotion for every occasion.”

Starbucks’ closest brand rivals on Facebook are Coca-Cola, with just under 7.5 million, and Skittles, with around 6.5 million fans.

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