Stephen Fry launching own iPad apps

26 May 2010

Celebrated author, comedian, TV personality, tech geek and diehard Apple fanboy Stephen Fry will be arriving on the iPad and iPhone with his own apps and the first one – specially for the iPad – will be called the ‘FryPad’.

The ‘FryPad’ is free to download and will be released this Friday to coincide with the UK sale date for the iPad. This app will gather together all of Fry’s writings, including his blessays and tweets, from his official website.

According to, the app will be in the form of an e-magazine where readers swipe through pages rather than scroll downwards, and a later version of the app will incorporate video and audio.

The second app – ‘SoundCircus’ – is a paid one retailing at UK£1 for both the iPad and iPhone and will be released a few weeks later. It is an audio collection of Fry’s most famous quotes.

Recently describing the iPad app on his site, Fry said: “In a few weeks we launch an iPad app on which you can read blogs, blessays, microblogs and other pieces of writing that I publish to this site.

“We’re testing it at this moment and I’m very pleased with the smooth flow and finish of it. Of course not many in Britain are likely to have an iPad and many would rather eat poo than be seen dead with one, so astonishing has the tribal polarity and antagonism for and against Apple become in the last few months. I shall reflect on that in an upcoming blog.”

So unless you’re too busy digesting that poo you’ll probably be putting those two apps on your wishlist.

By Marie Boran

Photo: Author, comedian and TV personality Stephen Fry

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