Story of blind dog who can now see latest viral hit (video)

28 Mar 2012

This isn’t any old shaggy dog story – a short YouTube video of a stray dog that was 100pc blind and named Fiona by her rescuers who had her vision restored in one eye is the latest viral hit on YouTube.

At the time of writing, the video has been viewed 201,147 times on YouTube but it is estimated it has been watched more than 1m times through being shared virally via Twitter and Facebook.

The video, which went online a week ago, tells the tale of dog rescuers Eldad and Audrey Hagar, who run a non-profit animal rescue service called Hope for Paws out of their LA apartment.

It shows how they discovered Fiona in a poor state, hiding behind cardboard boxes in an empty car park. She was rooted to the spot in terror and was 100pc blind.

In a video that would melt the hardest of hearts, it shows how they named her, cleaned her up and brought her to a vet – a Dr Chang – who confirmed she was 100pc blind in both eyes but went ahead and operated and saved her vision in one eye.

Now Fiona is a happy, spry young dog living happily with her new family Michele and Chris Gentry of Southern California.

Here’s the video:



John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years