Storytelling the Irish way: Blog Awards Ireland receives 2,000 nominations

12 Jul 2013

Pictured: Amanda Webb,; Lorna Sixsmith, Farmerette Blog, Beatrice Whealan, Sage and Mona Wise, pictured launching the Blog Awards Ireland 2013

Blogorrah and begob – Blog Awards Ireland has attracted 2,000 nominations so far across a panoply of categories, from lifestyle and fashion, to beauty and the diaspora.

Irish bloggers living abroad have been invited to enter the awards and a new category, Best Blog of the Diaspora, is open to all bloggers with Irish roots with blogs on any theme.

Nominations for Blog Awards Ireland opened on 14 June and the awards will take place on 12 October at the Osprey Hotel in Naas.

The closing date for entries in the Blog Awards is 31 July and bloggers are encouraged to nominate their blog on the Blog Awards Ireland website.

We swear to blog …

“Two million blog posts are published online each day. Blogging simply brings storytelling and digital media together and offers individuals and organisations an opportunity to speak to niche markets worldwide,” explained Amanda Webb, founder of and co-founder of Blog Awards Ireland.

“Writing can be a very solitary profession so even being nominated can be a huge compliment. I’d encourage people to enter their blog even if they are new to blogging as it can be a great way to show your blog to a larger audience and become part of the larger blogging community in Ireland and worldwide.”

She said business bloggers and owner-managers of businesses are especially welcome to enter, as blogging is seen more and more as a component of 21st-century business.

“Decreased budgets, a harsher economic environment and a more conscientious consumer lends itself to marketers, owner-managers and individuals building their brands online while at the same time engaging niche markets.

“We’ve seen some very successful case studies whereby bloggers have turned their businesses around by virtue of their blog,” added Webb.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years