Surfers can’t live without eBay or Facebook

21 May 2009

eBay is listed as one of the world’s top 10 website that ‘users can’t live without’, according to research conducted by Nielsen Online, while Facebook demands the most online time.

A total of 7,625 online brand popularity were tracked, with networking site Facebook demanding most online time with 13pc of the market.

MSN/Windows Live takes 7pc of users’ time and Google accounts for 5pc of users online activity.

With more and more buyers and sellers using eBay to generate additional income, the fourth most popular site listed by Nielsen Online is eBay, commanding 4.1pc of online time. Other top 10 sites people ‘can’t live without’ include YouTube, AOL and Yahoo!.

According to the research, the average digital native spends an average 22 hours and 20 minutes per month surfing online, a whopping increase of 34pc on last year.

“It’s great to see eBay is synonymous with people’s online lifestyles,” said Carey Maguire of eBay’s Irish operations.

“Irish internet surfers are spending more and more time online, and eBay expects its’ popularity to grow even more as Irish deal hunters seek out value on’

According to eBay, a hi-fi System is sold on every minute for an average of €60.58. An item of children’s clothing is sold every 28 seconds for an average selling price of €4.38, while a pair of women’s shoes is sold every 38 seconds, for an average selling price of €18.21.

By John Kennedy