Tech giants team up to standardise active 3D glasses

9 Aug 2011

Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and XPAND 3D will collaborate to standardise 3D active glasses in a project called “Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative.”

The companies will work together to develop and licence radio frequency system 3D active glasses, including radio frequency system protocols between 3D active glasses and 3D displays for televisions, PCs, projectors and 3D theatres.

It will also offer multiple types of infrared system protocols between 3D active glasses and 3D displays.

“We believe active 3D technology is the most suitable method to deliver full 1080p picture quality to each eye, giving consumers the 3D experience they most desire,” said Jun Yonemitsu, deputy senior general manager of the Home Entertainment Development Division at Sony.

The licence could be released in September of this year and the development of the universal 3D active glasses will follow. They will then be made available to the public in 2012 and will be backwards compatible to 2011 TVs.

“Panasonic has been working to standardise 3D glasses technologies, and in March, we announced a joint licensing of IR system protocols with XPAND, backed by several participant companies,” said Masayuki Kozuka, general manager of Media & Content Alliance Office and Corporate R&D Division of Panasonic.

“We are very pleased that today’s latest collaboration will incorporate our previous concept into these new standardisation efforts.”