How technology is changing the kitchen (infographic)

31 May 2016

Humanity’s expertise in cooking continually reaches new heights, but it’s fair to say we’ve never been ‘smarter’ than we are today, thanks to technology.

How we store, prepare and cook food changes rapidly as new technologies come on stream. Ovens and refrigerators are the most obvious elements of this, with improvements now happening at a rapid rate.

Fridges have multi-temperature drawers, ovens can tell you when your meat is fully cooked through and connected apps can keep you up to date on what is currently in what.

However, beyond that, the technological improvements have been perhaps more dramatic in recent years, amid an interminable push towards a connected future.

Drop is obviously the landmark example of this, the ‘connected’ kitchen scale and app.

There are smart kettles that boil when you tap on your app, heated butter knives, Nutribullets and automatic stirrers.

Recipes have moved from books to screens, with the below infographic from showing that well over half of 25-34-year-olds cook with a smartphone or tablet handy.

More telling is that more than two-thirds of millenial mothers watch videos as they cook. The kitchen is essentially a tech laboratory, with food on the side.

We’ve previously looked at some ideal inventions to help you get the job done in the kitchen. There are also the awful, egg-themed creations that should never have left the factory floor.

This infographic should reveal just how innovative it’s all getting. Where will it end? Well, it probably won’t.

Technology kitchen

Kitchen image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic