Teen posts party invitation on Facebook, parents killed

20 Jul 2011

A US teenager accused of posting an invitation to a party on Facebook and then killing his parents with a hammer has appeared in a Florida court.

Tyler Hadley, 17, allegedly bludgeoned Blake (54) and Mary-Jo Hadley (47) on Saturday before welcoming party guests. He had allegedly locked the bodies in a bedroom of their home in the city of Port St Lucie. The motive for the killings remain unclear.

Police have charged the teenager as an adult, but due to his age, the death penalty is not an option.

Hadley appeared in court via video from jail on Tuesday. Prosecutor Tom Bakkedahl said although Hadley has been charged with second-degree murder, a grand jury would probably opt for more serious charges.

Prosecutors said that at around 1.15pm on Saturday, Hadley posted a message on Facebook saying he would be hosting a party at his house that night. Up to 60 people showed up and police came to the home, but that was after a neighbour complained of the noise.

It was an anonymous tip about a possible murder that led police to return to the house on Sunday morning and search the home, where they discovered the bodies.

The trial is expected to start next month, prosecutors said.