Tesla reveals where its first Irish charging point will be

22 Dec 2016

Tesla charging point in Germany. Image: Jesus Fernandez/Shutterstock

With Tesla cars now available to buy in Ireland, the company has revealed its first charging point location in Co Wicklow, with plans for 10 more in the coming weeks.

After much anticipation from the electric vehicle community, Tesla revealed in early November that it would begin selling cars online through Ireland for the first time.

Not only that, but it also teased future plans for an as-yet-unknown store location somewhere in the country, and a network of Tesla Supercharger locations.

Superchargers coming in 2017

Now the company has come out of the woodwork to reveal that the first of these Tesla-branded charging points will be at the Powerscourt Hotel in Co Wicklow.

These destination charging points, as Tesla refers to them, will be joined by 10 more, due to be installed in the coming weeks.

Unlike the petrol station-like Supercharger points that those familiar with the company will probably have seen across Europe and North America, these charging points will be smaller wall-mounted units available for single parking spaces.

However, in a map available online, it has highlighted a provisional schedule for the rolling out of the larger Supercharger points across Ireland in 2017, with four locations highlighted in the centre of the country.

Tesla charging 2017

A provisional map issued by Tesla of its Supercharger network in 2017. Image: Tesla

Not just for Irish owners

“We are continuing to build momentum for our Irish store opening and first Irish deliveries next year,” Tesla said in a statement.

“The new destination charger is not just for Irish owners though, as a lot of our UK (and probably European) customers are looking forward to the development of the Tesla charging network in Ireland.”

In other Tesla news, the company has revealed that it will begin pushing a new v8.0.2 software update to existing Tesla owners, which will help drivers plan their routes by finding amenities near Supercharger points on the map.

The next major step for Tesla’s software will come in v8.1, which will likely bring a number of major UI updates for drivers as well as its Autopilot software.

Tesla charging point in Germany. Image: Jesus Fernandez/Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic