The bizarre ’90s tech teachings of Tim Testa – Gigglebit

8 Jun 2015

The 1990s were truly a golden era of tech development, when people in bad shirts, with bad hair and a total lack of self-awarness took to our TVs and video tapes to teach us about technology, and one such man was Tim Testa.

Timothy Testa, or Tim to his friends and the internet, has established himself as a bit of a legend for a compilation video that has featured on sites like Reddit on a number of occasions, mostly for his attempts at combining humour with computers.

With a ’90s soundtrack to match, Tim seems to quiz his bemused guests about how they got on with his (presumably fictional) wife, not to mention the banter between him and his off-screen partner.

Of course his attempts at humour verge a little too close to the risqué at times, it has to be said, with Tim at one point saying: “In Centre City we have the Please Touch Museum … where kids can touch anything they want, except the other children.”

For those interested, Tim is still attempting to break into comedy all these years later, but his IMDB profile appears to show nothing but demo reels from the early 2000s. He clearly peaked in the 1990s.

Old computer on table image via debs-eye/Flickr

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic